Skin Rejuvenation Services
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Our Mission is to provide a comprehensive range of professional health care services in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere.

Skin Rejuvenation Services

Carina Rejuvenation Clinic is your destination for the ultimate in appearance rejuvenation. Let our expert team provide you with a fresh, natural look no matter what your age or concern.


MediSpa (partnership with The Skincare Embassy)

The Skin Ambassador, Todd Wilkinson, treats clients exclusively within medical practices and this reflects our commitment to providing you with the best skin results possible. The Skin Ambassador's treatment programs deliver an advanced collection of products and treatments that not only transform the way your skin looks and feels, but influences the way it acts. Our expert treatment plans allow you to pause the plastic surgeon and are an ideal complement to cosmetic medical treatments.

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MediSpa programs can assist you with: 
Aging – fine lines, firmness and wrinkles

Acne – blackheads, pimples, congestion and milia

Sensitivity – redness, rosacea, capillaries and dermatitis

Pigmentation – sun damage, uneven tone, tattoo & vitiligo coverage

Texture – enlarged pores, skin roughness, uneven surface

Scarring – acne and trauma scars on the face and body

Dryness – tight, dry, flaky and dehydrated skin

For body – stretch marks, ingrown hairs and cellulite.


About Our MediSpa Treatments + Information

What is a MediSpa?
A MediSpa brings together the art of beauty with the pedigree of aesthetic medicine. Unlike traditional beauty, our prescriptive strength products and treatments, incorporated with light, laser and clinical modalities provide truly spectacular, validated results. Our team of paramedical aestheticians and dermal therapists are trained to the highest standards to offer you the best in non-surgical aesthetic skin correction.

What’s involved?
For a comprehensive solution to your skin concerns, The Skin Ambassador has a unique three-step process in place to achieve your skin goals now and into your skins future:


1. Advanced Dermal Consultation

To maximise your results, we suggest commencing your MediSpa journey with an advanced dermal consultation. This 60 minute appointment includes a full dermal analysis and prescription with our trained experts, as well as an opportunity to discover all there is to know about understanding and achieving your skin goals.

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2. MediSpa Treatments:

Each treatment is personally prescribed for your individual condition and concerns - our treatments include: 

Skin Renewal - Microdermabrasion + Peels

Targeting the skin’s upper zones (the epidermis) these treatments sweep away the dull, lifeless outer layer - immediately erasing signs of roughness, dullness and congestion. Your practitioner will always formulate the ideal renewal protocol to your skin, each with luxurious treatment gestures for maximum sensory benefit. 

- The Procedure Peel (paramedical skin renewal)
- The Hydra-Diamond Peel (advanced microdermabrasion)
- The Skin Workout Peel (no downtime, ultra-luxe peel)


Cellular Medifacial

Cellular medifacials are different to traditional facials in that they work deep into the skin's cellular zone with scientifically validated protocols to achieve therapeutic results. 

- Paramedical MediFacials (one of a kind clinical intensive facials)
- Prestige MediFacials (clinical intelligence meets the luxe facial)
- Ultime MediFacials (ultimate clinical + luxe age-deceptive treatment)


Clinical, Light & Laser

Beneficial for all skin, especially for acne management, post procedure and accelerated anti-ageing, this treatment harnesses natural light to gently correct deeper skin dysfunctions through a completely painless, no downtime, non-thermal process. Corrective Laser Skin Therapies are exclusive to our laser certified locations:

- Luminous Laser Facials (also for body)
- Laser Toning Facials
- Laser for Marks, Capillaries and Veins
- Laser Peels & Regeneration


3. Medical Grade Home Care

The Skincare Embassy choose only to work with some of the industry's most advanced and leading skincare all avaliable at Carina Medical & Specialist Centre. 

Due to the concentration and prescriptive nature of these brands, professional recommendation is advised






Cosmetic Medical: Anti-Wrinkle Treatments

Anti-Wrinkle Treatments (or muscle relaxant injections) are composed of a natural purified protein (manufactured in sterile laboratory conditions) that relaxes the targeted muscle to create a smoother, rejuvenated and more youthful appearance. The muscle relaxant injection used at Carina Rejuvenation Clinic has been used in Australia and New Zealand in therapeutic treatments for over 15 years. It is a prescription-only medicine and treatment is only available from a qualified medical professional.